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Our Middle School curriculum is grounded in our mastery principles, which provide a project-based, student-centered, and collaborative learning environment with a focus on purpose, agency, teamwork, and heart (PATH). We empower students in our Middle School to form meaningful connections with their peers, teachers, and themselves via our Advisory program, which uses a developmentally-appropriate curriculum that centers social-emotional learning and intentional reflection. Our mixed-age setting provides Middle School students the opportunity to learn from someone younger or older than themselves, as well as to mentor someone younger or older than themselves.

In all disciplines, we embed a project-based and community-engaged learning approach that stresses the competencies and skills that will prepare our students for their lives beyond Khan Lab School: critical thinking and problem solving; clear expression in written and oral communication; collaboration; and a strong work ethic. Our focus on compassion fosters in our students the confidence to serve and lead in the creation of an equitable and inclusive future.

Students leave our Middle School prepared with mastery of content often beyond their traditional grade level, growth in independent learning and self-awareness, and a more developed sense of purpose. We aim to empower each Middle School student with a combination of experiences, knowledge, and skills to fully engage in the world and create their own meaning in it. 

Middle School Course Offerings

Our Middle School’s academic schedule is divided into semesters. During each semester, student schedules are made up of offerings from within our core curriculum while allowing time and space within their schedules to choose electives. Courses in our Middle School are year-long. Middle School students take the following courses:

  • Advisory 
  • Capstone (for Middle School students moving up to High School)
  • Elective (Art, Computer Science, or Music)
  • English
  • Math
  • Outer Wellness (i.e. Physical Education)
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Spanish

IL4 students (traditional grade 6) engage with three electives (Art, Computer Science, and Music) through a 12-week rotation. IL5 students (traditional grades 7 and 8) select one of these three electives to take a deeper dive for the year. 

All Middle School students participate in Advisory, which includes daily check-ins with a faculty Advisor and activities designed to support social-emotional learning (SEL). Academic schedules for newly enrolled students are created in consultation with the student and their Advisor. 

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