Middle & High School


Our Middle and High School curriculum is grounded in our mastery principles, which provide a project-based, student-focused, and collaborative learning environment with a focus on college readiness.

KLS provides a rigorous curriculum requiring credits that go beyond the University of California A-G requirements in each of our five core disciplines - English, history, mathematics, science, and world language. Our students are also encouraged to explore interests through an array of elective offerings in the arts, an approach that prioritizes each student’s pursuit of their personal passions.

In all disciplines, we embed a project-based and community-engaged learning approach that stresses the competencies and skills that will prepare our students for their lives beyond Khan Lab School: critical thinking and problem solving; clear expression in written and oral communication; collaboration and a strong work ethic.  Our focus on compassion fosters in our students the confidence to serve and lead in the creation of an equitable and inclusive future.

Middle & High School Course Offerings

Khan Lab School’s academic schedule is divided into semesters. During each semester, students' schedules are made up of offerings from within our core curriculum while allowing time and space within their schedules to choose options from our electives. Most students will take 5 or 6 courses each trimester. Some courses will run for the entire academic year, while others are offered for individual semesters.

Academic schedules for newly enrolled students are created in consultation with newly enrolled students and their advisor. Returning High School students select courses with their advisor with guidance provided by our Director of College Counseling. 

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