Campus Transition FAQ

We are excited to share that Khan Lab School is transitioning its physical campus locations by Fall 2021! This FAQ includes information about these campus transitions. To generally learn more about our school, please see our General FAQ page.

Palo Alto Campus Preview

Lower & Middle Schools FAQs: Palo Alto Campus

High School FAQs: Los Altos Hills Campus

It has always been our desire at KLS to extend the reach, diversity, and enrollment of our High School program. Over the past year, we have actively been seeking a school location that offers expanded facilities, and more importantly a like minded partner, that supports the purposeful pursuit of these goals. Our search for a new location began with conversations with the Foothill College leadership team in February 2020, just before both of our organizations moved our programs online.
With the opportunity to move the Lower and Middle School to a location in Palo Alto that is uniquely suited to those programs, moving our High School program to a space on the Foothill College Los Altos campus became a real possibility. Basing our High School at Foothill will provide an opportunity to take our existing program (same courses, teachers, and approach) and extend the opportunity for our students to take dual enrollment courses and to have access to facilities a small school like ours typically does not have an opportunity to provide.
Additionally, a key element of this relocation will be the ability to both extend the original KLS school vision of sharing our model more broadly with other educators and to more intentionally collaborate with the other high schools in the Foothill dual enrollment network that have campus-based programs. In the coming years, we expect to forge a deeper symbiotic partnership with Foothill College much as we have with other programs such as, Khan Academy, Hello World Studio, and the Case Method Project.

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