Our Graduates

A photo fo nine graduates in cap and gown with their diplomas.

In June 2021, we celebrated the first class of high school graduates in our school's history. Our school's first nine alumni paved the way for future KLS graduates, pioneering our Mastery Transcript and navigating the college admissions process without letter grades or GPAs (and, in some cases, without standardized test scores). 

Graduates of Khan Lab High School are empowered to navigate their own path, and our alumni pursue a variety of academic interests at a range of colleges and universities. Our graduates have been accepted at public and private institutions in-state and out-of-state, making the case for mastery-based education as a successful method for communicating a comprehensive understanding of student learning when it comes to college admissions. 

Class of 2021 Discusses College Admissions

Video of our graduating Class of 2021 discussing college admissions without letter grades or GPAs.

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