Khan Lab School Summer Program

Every July, the Khan Lab School Summer Program offers a variety of academic programs available to grades 8-12 designed to reflect our teaching philosophy. Linking immersive, rigorous, and exciting programs with experience-based education. Each unique offering delves deeply into a given subject. All programs are in-person at our Mountain View, CA campus. Full vaccination (and eligible boosted) required. Download our summer program flyer here.

Students taking classes at the KLS Summer Program will get to apply concepts to real world data and applications. I am thrilled to continue teaching such a bright and eager group of students while fostering their excitement for computer science.
-Kayla Holman


Artificial Intelligence: Inspirit AI
July 5 - 16  |  8am - 12pm or 1pm - 5pm  |  Ages 13 - 18  | $1,500
Instructor: Kayla Holman

This program, developed and taught exclusively by a team of alumni and graduate students from Stanford and MIT, Inspirit AI provides guidance on initiating AI projects, pursuing AI ventures, and preparing for college. Students will explore the foundations of machine learning and explore different applications of machine learning models. In the first half of the course, students learn AI’s core technologies including applications, foundational concepts, and programming tools through live online lectures and coding labs. Students will not only learn about different types of machine learning models, but also apply those models to real data sets. In the second half of the course, students will complete an instructor-led group project applying AI to the discipline of their choice (e.g., music, healthcare, astrophysics, finance, etc.), utilizing the programming skills they developed in the first half.
Students must bring their own laptop and headphones.
Each session is 10 days long. Students can attend in the morning or afternoon.


Data Science & Statistics: Energy Efficiency
July 18 - 29  |  8:30am - 3pm  |  Ages 13 - 18  | $2,000
Vaishnavi Murugesan

An intensive two-week college-level encounter with mathematics and statistics for highly motivated and curious high school students. Students will collect data for analysis to present possible solutions regarding efficient energy usage. This project-based statistics course will have a final outcome of learning how statistical math can be applied to concrete, real-world problems with realistic solutions. Prerequisites: must have completed Algebra II.
Students must bring their own laptop.


Become A Certified Math Tutor
July 18 - 29  |  1pm - 4pm  |  Ages 13 - 18  | $1,000
Instructor: Traptilisa Kumar

In this course, students will develop skills and readiness to become a certified peer-to-peer math tutor. “Become A Certified Math Tutor” is geared toward high school students who want to enhance their math acumen, develop leadership skills and confidence, and leverage their math skills to improve the math abilities of younger students. Students will use online tools offered by and Khan Academy to become certified tutors while practicing their tutoring skills in a real world environment at the STEM Center at Foothill College. Prerequisites: must have completed Algebra I.
Students must bring their own laptop.


Sustainable Architectural Design Studio
July 18 - 29  |  8:30am - 3pm  |  Ages 13 - 18  | $3,000
Instrutor: Myrna Erlich

Students will learn sustainable design practices for environments and community spaces. They will analyze existing public spaces and implement intelligent strategies to design their own sustainable environments. Students will explore how to reduce ecological footprint, examine material selection and usage, and leverage upcycled and recycled resources. Spaces in the public domain will be examined—from pocket parks, to prefab modular systems for temporary housing serving displaced communities. Projects will explore and incorporate visual communication and expression to support sustainable themes. Students will develop art, design and architectural presentations.
Students bring their own laptops. All other materials are provided.


Graphic Novel Workshop
July 25-29  |  8:30am - 5pm  |  Ages 13 - 18  | $1,000
Instructor: Cole Godvin

This week-long class in the art of the graphic novel will combine reading, discussion, theory and practice. We will read excerpts from key works, and discover the essential conventions of the art form through exploring the excellent sequential art manual Comics by Scott McCloud. The ultimate objective of this class, beyond enhancing reader appreciation of the medium, is to give students the tools to realize a story idea as a graphic novel extract of five pages. Students will learn all steps of the creative process of comics-making, including developing a narrative arc, scripting, thumb-nailing, illustration and coloring. Each student’s five page extract will be included in a printed class anthology.
Students bring their own laptops.


Finding Your Voice: Jumpstart Your College Essay
July 25 - 29  |  8:30am - 12pm  |  Ages 15 - 18  | $750
Instructor: Brennan Barnard

This intensive writing workshop is designed to create a space for rising 12th graders to begin the creative process of drafting their college essay. The workshop is much more than the college process; as students will work with Khan Lab High School’s experienced Director of College Counseling to find ways to uncover their unique story and draft an essay that truly reflects their values and life experiences. Time will be spent sharing our writing as a group and individual time writing with guidance from the teacher. On the final day of the workshop, a college admission officer will join us to provide the college perspective on the personal statement and to read drafts of essays.
Students bring their own laptops.


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