Summer Program Faculty

At Khan Lab School, we believe that everyone’s a teacher and everyone’s a student. 

Our faculty and staff are experts in their respective fields and enthusiastic collaborators who enjoy sharing their deep content knowledge and research interests with the community. Members of our team model what it means to be a life-long learner and work to ensure that students discover their passions and develop the skills they need to pursue them. As members of a lab school, we never stop learning, and we never stop innovating to create the highest quality learning experiences for our students!

All summer programs are in-person at our Mountain View, CA campus. Full vaccination (and eligible boosted) required. Download our summer program flyer here.

Kayla Holman
Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Kayla holds a Master in CS, Bachelor in CS & Electrical Engineering and a Minor in Mechanical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Kayla’s experience lies in Robotics--she previously worked on Autonomous Driving at Cruise, and robotics software Vecna robotics. She has also researched methods for factory line workers to effectively work alongside robots.

Kayla has been a STEM teacher for middle, high school and college students with substantial experience building interdisciplinary project-based curricula. She also created and taught the inaugural AI Scholars Project Course at Khan Lab School in Fall 2021 that has continued on to Spring 2022 and beyond.

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