EdSurge Podcast: Q&A with Salman Khan

EdSurge Podcast: Q&A with Salman Khan
Hamza Yaqoobi

This story originally appeared on EdSurge News. You can download the podcast here.

Salman Khan’s Lab School in Mountain View, CA, has slowly been gaining recognition—but is it really as innovative as people might imagine? EdSurge asked that very question last week. 

Khan had the idea to open a school long before he started his online platform Khan Academy, and after visiting the Lab School, we at EdSurge were curious about whether he wants to expand to other cities—but before engaging in a Q&A with the man himself, we took to Twitter to get an idea of what our podcast listeners would want to know. Questions came rolling in: Are students actually learning? Is this just an easy way for Khan Academy employees to try out new products on children? After all, the Lab School and Khan Academy are in the same building; the school’s on the first floor, and the nonprofit’s on the second.

Check out EdSurge's podcast interview with Khan to see what we found out.