IL1 Starts In-Person Instruction!

IL1 Starts In-Person Instruction!
Emily Storms

After two days of delays due to poor air quality, some of our Independence Level 1 students finally started in-person instruction today! Cuteness has returned to campus. We couldn't resist sharing a few photos from the day with you. 

KLS staff greeted students with friendly smiles under their masks and temperature checks. 


IL1 Advisor & Math Specialist Julia Doscher teaches procedures on the first day of in-person instruction. 


IL1 Advisor & ELA Specialist Sharifa Khan goes over the calendar with IL1 students. 


Wearing a rainbow mask and unicorn headband for her first day of in-person school at KLS!


Socially distanced reading time.


All around, it was a great day! 


Huge congratulations to everyone on our Campus Return team, especially our IL1 crew, who has been working tirelessly to pull this off. Thank you for planning such a fun and safe first day back for our students! 

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