KLS Remote Choir Presents: Hallelujah!

KLS Remote Choir Presents: Hallelujah!
Jacob E.A., Music Specialist

The following is a note from our Music Specialist, Jacob E.A.

This KLS Remote Choir piece came out nicely. All our singers were familiar with the material and, although my arrangement was simple enough, I am so very proud of what each of the singers brought to it individually. 

Anandita, Iliana, Jaia, Megan, and Sophia each put in the time (remote multi-tracking is challenging!) to create this track. 

Interested in joining the KLS Remote Choir? New members are welcome to audition, and we're already excited to start in on the next piece. KLS Community: Please email me at jacob@khanlabschool.org if you'd like to learn more about joining the choir!


Audio: Hallelujah! sung by the KLS Remote Choir

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