KLS Rubik's Cube Competition Tradition Continues

KLS Rubik's Cube Competition Tradition Continues
Emily Storms

The Khan Lab School Rubik's Cube Competition has turned into a beloved tradition over our school's brief history. Despite the unique challenges of 2020, we're happy to report that the annual KLS Rubik's Cube Competition tradition was able to continue virtually this year.

On Friday, December 11, the KLS community came together for the 2020 Rubik's Cube Competition. Both students and families participated this year, with 39 participants tuned in over Zoom. Our Extended Day Coordinator, Arden Simone, and IL6 student, Vishnu M., provided instructions for how families could participate over Zoom. Since a virtual Rubik's Cube competition has limitations, Arden and Vishnu encouraged participants to think of this year's Rubik's Cube Competition as a community builder rather than a contest. 

Each participant had another member of their household scramble their Rubik's Cube using this scramble generator. The scrambled Rubik's Cubes remained covered until the competition began. 

There were 4 categories for the friendly competition, and each KLS community member chose which category they wanted to compete in. Beginners had 8 minutes to solve their Rubik's Cube, Intermediate participants had 5 minutes, and those in the Expert category had 3 minutes. The final round of competition was the Pro category. This included KLS students who had practiced so much they could solve their Rubik's Cube in one minute or less. Participants used this finger timer to track their solving speed. 

Shout out to KLS Extended Day Coordinator Arden Simone and IL6 student Vishnu M. for planning this successful community-building event! Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2020 KLS Rubik's Cube Competition!


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