KLS Students Place in Great American Cross Country Festival

KLS Students Place in Great American Cross Country Festival
Emily Storms

Like so many things this year, the KLS Athletics program has shifted due to Covid-19 restrictions. Coach Devin Harris re-organized the Athletics program for the 2020-21 school year to focus on cross country running and golf. Both of these sports allow KLS students to have fun and stay active while at a distance from others. 

Sidd S. running in the Great American Cross Country Festival. 

Our Cross Country team, coached by IL3 Advisor Michael Hurley, participated in the Great American Cross Country Festival virtually. Runners had an 11-day window to complete their race. They could run it in their own neighborhood and track their time using AthleticAPP's GPS Record Run. 

Middle school participants ran a 3k race. In the Middle School Boys category for KLS, Tyler K. placed fourth and Sidd S. finished in fifth place. In the Middle School Girls category, Paige P. placed sixth and Nikita S. placed tenth. 

High school runners ran a 5k race. KLS had two high school runners participate in the Great American Cross Country Festival. Alex P. placed sixth in the High School Boys category, and Jane B. placed eighth in the High School Girls category. 

Congrats to all the runners on a great first meet of the year! We're proud of how you've persevered in your training despite the circumstances.

Want to support the KLS Cross Country team? You can sign up to join the KLS Inaugural Turkey Trot and participate by running the race in your own neighborhood and tracking your time on the AthleticAPP's  GPS Record Run. Runners of all ages are welcome! 


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