Lower School Digital Art Gallery Showcases Student Pieces

Screenshot of the virtual lobby for Lower School Spring 2021 Art Gallery
Marie-Hélène Bauguil, Lower School Visual Arts Specialist

Student Art Explores Portraiture in Virtual Museum

Visit our Lower School Digital Art Gallery, featuring works from IL1, IL2, and IL3 Art students!

The overarching theme for this exhibit is portraiture. All students in the Lower School created a self-portrait this year. To begin, they learned how to draw according to their skill level. IL1 students learned that when drawing a face, the eyes are in the center and not on the forehead.

IL2 used guidelines drawn on the paper to place facial features, ears, and hair, and IL3 Art students used both guidelines and facial proportions to guide their drawings. Then, they created their compositions using various media and techniques. 


Explore: Lower School Digital Art Gallery

Note to KLS families: If you do not see your children’s portraits in the exhibit, it is because they were absent that day or did not submit their work. They still have a featured piece, but it may not be displayed in their IL Gallery. Look for their work on the entrance walls.


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