Middle and High School Faculty Advisors Implement Project Wayfinder Curriculum

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Matt Nazario-Miller

Professional Development: Social-emotional & Mental Health Curriculum

Social-emotional learning (SEL) and Advisory are key aspects of our model as a school. Over the Summer Term, our team has been preparing to implement a new curriculum that focuses on further integrating social-emotional learning and mental well-being into our Advisory program.

In June, our Middle and High School faculty Advisors completed training with Project Wayfinder. We will be using the Social Emotional and Mental Health Curriculum during our Advisory meetings starting in the Fall Term.

More about Project Wayfinder from their website:

"Wayfinder was born at the Stanford Institute of Design after asking one key design question: how can we reimagine adolescent education to develop a student’s sense of meaning, purpose, and belonging? Rather than recycle old solutions to curb student depression and anxiety, Wayfinder is addressing the youth mental health crises in a new innovative model — what we call SEL Reimagined.”

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