Students Launch First Middle School Student Council

A group of students and teachers in a grassy field.
Matt Nazario-Miller

We're pleased to announce our first Middle School Student Council! In our first weeks of the Term, Middle School students collaborated to develop and kick off their Student Council. One of our school's newest student leadership groups, the Middle School Student Council will provide advocacy and voice to our Middle School student body.

The first members of our Middle School Student Council:

  • Aster M. - President
  • Anandita M. - Vice President
  • Alicia Z. - Secretary
  • Audrey M. - IL5 Ambassador
  • Amaan A. - IL4 Ambassador
  • Uday S. - Treasurer
A group of students standing in a grassy field.

Middle School Student Council members assemble to present to their peers.


We're looking forward to the initiatives and leadership our Middle School Student Council will bring to our exciting new chapter at our Palo Alto campus.

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