FIRST Robotics

Our Team & Mission

RobotX (FRC Team 6962) is a team of young and aspiring KLS middle- and high-school students.  The 2018 season was the team’s rookie year competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC).

Hands-on learning and passion-driven work are encouraged at KLS, and the robotics team is a prime example of students pursuing learning outside of standard academics.  

RobotX has a mission to inspire and expose others to the exploration of science, mathematics, computer science, and technology. We hope to represent our self-driven school at FRC competitions and share our experiences and knowledge with the rest of our community.

One of the unique differentiators for RobotX is its mixed-aged demographic. While most FRC teams are comprised of high school students only, RobotX encourages students as young as age 11 to participate. RobotX, exposes students to not only engineering skills, but critical thinking, problem-solving, financing, teamwork, leadership, marketing, and presentation skills.  

Our Actions

All members of RobotX dedicate many hours in- and outside of school on a year-round schedule. We spend our time designing, prototyping, programming, and building our robot. Outside of the build season, we host workshops to become familiar with the tools, build team connections, and share our experiences and lessons from previous years. The workshops are offered to students from elementary school to high school. We also maximize this off-time to prepare, organize, and plan for the upcoming season. We value a close team bond and equal opportunities to build leadership and teamwork skills and ensure a good season.  

The off-season preparation leads to an intensive 6-week build season beginning each January, during which a novel robot is designed and built to compete in the year’s newly revealed game.

Our History & Success

At the beginning of 2018, we came together as RobotX to achieve one goal: to be the best rookie team that we could be. We worked to achieve this goal through commitment, hard work, and excellence in our roles. We hoped to be able to compete at the same level as the veteran teams. In order to accomplish this, we worked daily to create a robot capable of collecting and delivering power cubes to the switch and exchange. The season taught us to never give up. Taking home the Highest Rookie Seed Award further proved the vast potential of RobotX.

In the recent 2019 Destination: Deep Space competition, with more insight and experience, we ranked 16th and qualified for the quarter finals. We had our entire community supporting us; parents, friends, and teachers in the bleachers and back at home live streaming our matches for the school. Thanks to sponsor and community support, we took home the Team Spirit Award.

After the regional competition, we continued work and outreach by hosting workshops in design, CAD, and software as well as being the main event of our school’s summer carnival—exposing our elementary-aged students to robotics, letting them drive and score with the robot. We also spent significant time automating the movements of our robot and improving functions.

To cap off our 2019 season, we participated in our first offseason competition, CalGames 2019. This was a great opportunity for our team to introduce new or prospective members to robotics by improving on the robot in workshops and applying what we had learned in the Regionals to secure 5th place and become 3rd seed alliance captain.

Many more students have since been inspired to join our team as we strive to continue to be successful.

The 2020 season started off with great anticipation and excitement with new student and adult mentor team members. The students learned new techniques in design and building while the leadership team stretched their comfort-zones as they guided the larger team. As a community, we met our fundraising goal (and subsequently met the elevated goal twice), enabling RobotX to purchase needed tools and supplies as well as setting ourselves up for success in future years. As the team approached the finish line, however, the season was suddenly indefinitely postponed as the COVID-19 pandemic halted the Infinite Recharge competitions around the world. Though disappointing, the team looks forward to regrouping when we’re allowed to gather again, and continuing to learn and grow.

Logo for KLS RobotX program.